Freemasons' Hall ~ Bridgend

Hall Renovations 2020/2021

This page is incomplete as additional photograps of the interior of the Hall are being collected

We are very pleased to record the results 
of many hours and days of hard work at our 
Masonic Centre in Bridgend

Repairs ~ Refurbishment ~ Painting ~ Decorating
all performed during this period of major restrictions
by our dedicated Trustees and Brethren
at no cost to the management

Photographs of the Temple and Administration Offices
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renov-temple-01.jpg (161923 bytes) renov-temple-04.jpg (138744 bytes) renov-temple-03.jpg (167757 bytes)
renov-temple-02.jpg (148361 bytes)
renov-comm-01.jpg (338556 bytes) renov-hall-changing-01.jpg (151421 bytes) renov-comm-02.jpg (487914 bytes)
renov-office-05.jpg (385392 bytes) renov-sanitizer-01.jpg (80036 bytes) renov-office-03.jpg (475941 bytes)
renov-office-04.jpg (423796 bytes) renov-office-01.jpg (359171 bytes) renov-office-02.jpg (321676 bytes)


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