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Warranted:  25th September 1947

Meetings ~ Dates ~ Times
Enthronement Meeting

Regular Meetings take place on :
First Monday of September and December
Second Monday of February and April
The Chapter dines at the close of each meeting
Those wishing to dine must reserve places in advance
Announcements and Notices

At it's meeting on Monday 8th February, when the candidate, Brother Mark Haycox for Perfection was Perfected, the organ was played by III. Bro. Norman Hughes 32` who had celebrated his 90th birthday the previous day.

The Brethren congratulated III. Brother Norman and in replying he said how great a pleasure it was to not only support the Most Wise Sovereign but to be re-acquainted with a brother he had initiated into Craft Masonry in 1982 at Henry Pendrill Charles Lodge 3769 at Caerphilly, E&P Brother Andrew Wood.
A happy lodge and one that the candidate E&P Bro. Mark Haycox will remember.

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III. Brother Norman Hughes & Brother Clive Jenkins, MW Sovereign

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