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The Foundation Stone Ceremony at Bridgend Masonic Hall
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A Brief History of our Trust

To understand where the Trust stands presently, it is necessary to know a little of the history of the administration of Masonry in Bridgend and how it developed from the earliest days.  There is evidence that Bridgend Lodge No 33 was meeting in the town between 1765 and 1777 but subsequently lapsed.

The origins of the forbearers of present Freemasonry therefore lie with the formation of the Ogmore Lodge No 1752 with a warrant signed by HRH Albert Edward, Prince of Wales the then Grand Master dated 24th April 1874, and the building of the temple in Adare Street. There are several photographs in existence taken during the construction of that building and the laying of the Foundation Stone.  

The sponsor for the new Lodge was Afan Lodge No 833..

Ogmore Lodge in due course became the "mother lodge" to Llangeinor 4194 (1921), Morganwg 5024 (1929), Penybont 6743 (1948).

 Llangeinor Lodge subsequently sponsored Ewenny 8485 (1973) and Ogmore sponsored Glanogwr 8508 (1973) and Adare 9247 (1987).

The Temple at Adare Street in Bridgend had great charm with seating for about 120 in the Temple and dining room. (Part of this building served as "The British Restaurant" and a boot shop during the War Years of 1939-45).

The limitations of the facilities were becoming obvious during the 70s and the possibility of making an advantageous move "out of town" was investigated.  The possibility of moving to a site in Cheapside site off Nolton Street was mooted, illustrative drawings produced, but became aborted when the potential developers withdrew.  Around 1980 however, interest stirred once more and after much negotiating and ethical wheeler dealing, it was agreed that Ogmore Lodge would effectively surrender the building and site at Adare Street in exchange for a new temple to be built at Coychurch Road, Bridgend with the very great asset of adequate car parking.  Coincident with this action, Ogmore Lodge would vest the assets relating to the building in a newly formed Trust.  The members being the Lodges : Ogmore, Llangeinor, Morganwg, Penybont, Ewenny and Glanogwr.  Each Lodge to be represented by a subscribing member elected as a Trustee.

These six Trustees were supplemented soon afterwards by the addition of Adare Lodge and its representative.  In addition, it was agreeed, Ogmore Lodge, as the senior partner and the "mother Lodge" would have its Treasurer join Trustees ex officio. This structure was set out in a Trust Deed dated 1st May 1984 and signed by the then Trustees, all senior Brethren within Bridgend Lodges.  This document has subsequently been amended and updated by signatures of current Trustees as and when they replace retired Trustees.

The management of the day to day activities of the Hall were delegated to a Bridgend Lodges Management Committee which administered matters relating to the building and its servicing until 2013.  Management is now the direct responsibility of the Trustees and their appointed agents.  The organisation and management of the Bar has become the responsibility of a new limited company called The Square and Compasses Bar Ltd.  There are three directors, two of whom are also Trustees.

The ultimate sole responsibility of Trustees is to hold the interests of all Brethren within Bridgend Lodges in Trust to the highest standards, to provide good facilities for them and for Freemasonry locally, and to uphold and safeguard our Masonic principles.  These responsibilities are incorporated in the Trust Deed, a copy of which follows these notes.

The Square and Compasses Bar Ltd.

This company was incorporated by November 2014 to provide and manage the bar facilities at the Bridgend Masonic Centre.

This is a limited company wholly owned by the Trustees, each Trustee having one share. Upon the passing of a Trustee by resignation or death, that share will be surrendered and passed to his successor.

Incorporated within the Articles of Association is the caveat that it shall be non-profit making and all surpluses shall be remitted to the Bridgend Masonic Lodges Charitable Trust. (Registered Charity No 515337)

There are three Directors of the company comprised of two Trustees and one non-Trustee Director.  They are:


Byron Butler (6743) Trustee Chairman

Dyfrig Edwards (8508) Trustee Director

Phillip Aubrey (1752) (Secretary/Convener) Director


The Trustees and Directors of the Company welcome comments, suggestions and criticism, which will help them, deliver good service to Brethren in Bridgend. This should be made either by email or in writing to the Secretary to the Trust.


A photograph of the original 
Bridgend Masonic Hall 
in Adare Street 

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Link to the copy of the original 
Deed of Trust

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